About Vann Thomas


Having spent nearly six years living and traveling outside of the United States, Vann has shot some of the most unique spaces in the world.  Through his journeys, he developed a strong passion and appreciation for architecture and interiors.

Based in Durham, NC, Vann draws upon the Bull City for inspiration, with its rich history and beautiful architectural gems around every corner.  A Durham native himself, he's watched the growth of the Raleigh-Durham area and is inspired by the energy and life surrounding the Triangle.

Vann brings a balanced sense of composition and a keen eye for lighting to all the frames he shoots.  He is talented at creating images that capture the viewer's attention, and he uses a mix of natural and artificial light, alongside his post-production expertise, to make sure his clients get the best pictures possible.  With intention and purpose in every shot, Vann aims to capture the space in a way that projects the feeling of actually being there. 

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